Miracle Workers

Timken Aerospace

"On a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being excellen you've surpassed to rate a 20 - Miracle Workers... I truly appreciate the outstanding work you and your team do to support Timken in Keene, NH"

Debra Pelletier

Attentive and Reliable

Williams College

"I have been dealing with L.F. Powers for over 8 years now and have found them to be attentive to my needs and very reliable. The account manager I have been dealing with goes out of his way to ensure that we are satisfied and taken care of. I would recommend L. F. Powers and in particular Todd Dexter to anyone."

Gary Bonafilia

First call for any lubricants, oils or grease.


"George Mastroianni at LF Powers is my first call for any lubricants, oils, or grease. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped my department find many a comparable substitute if my requested product is discontinued or has a long lead time. The only time I have ever had to wait for a response was from the manufacturer and never from LF Powers. Thank you!"

Jacobs Dottie Cowden

Quality Lubricants since 1931

Montague, MA

"Teamwork in a family work environment drives everyone's passion, ownership and enthusiasm to have things done in the right way, which is one of our company's key elements of success."

Darlene K. (President and CEO)

Victory Lane Featuring Mobil 1

Danbury, CT

"Overall, the High Endurance line, combined with Mobil 1, represents approximately 30 percent of our total oil sales."

Sean D. (Owner)

Turbine Engine Component Technology (Tect)

Newington, CT

"Now that we are on the Mobil Hydraulic Oil Program our hydraulic oil only gets changed when the lab analysis indicates a change out is required. In the past we changed our hydraulic oil on an annual basis. We expect to get a minimum of 3 years with out changing hydraulic oil and possible up to 5 years. Our waste oil stream has been drastically reduced which is an environmentally sound policy.

Consequently, our overall costs have been positively affected and we expect this to continue in the future despite the ever rising cost of petroleum products."

Al D. (Purchasing Agent)

Connecticut Mulch

West Suffield, CT

"Prior to using Mobil Delvac 1300 15W/40 we had a smoking problem out of the exhaust stack. After switching to Mobil Delvac the problem went away. We still have the same trucks with over a million miles on them and have no oil related problems."

Ken L. (President)

O&G Industries

Torrington, CT

"A conservative estimate of savings directly attributable to the choice of Mobil's Delvac premium lubricants and the oil analysis program is $180,000 per year. The service interval for heavy equipment has increased gradually under the watchful eye of oil analysis, from 200 hours to350 hours. Heavy trucks are serviced at 12,000 miles. Power transmission oil drain intervals have been nearly doubled. Hydraulic filters are changed at A level service and oil samples are analyzed every 1000 hours. There is no preset hydraulic oil change interval."

Jim Z. (VP Maint.)

TLD America

Simsbury, CT

"Since I took over the fluids portfolio, LF Powers has been my go-to place for any kind of oil among many other products. Their timely delivery, very competitive prices and thorough customer assistance makes them a staple in the area. Special thanks to my direct contacts Pamela McKeever, Kim Totilo & Gwen Matschke who always went above and beyond to assist me, even in the most urgent situations."

Paul Simula (Buyer)
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