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Mobil 1™

Keeps engines running like new by helping to combat sludge, reduce wear and control oil breakdown.

Mobil 1™ High Mileage

Helps extend engine life and prevent leaks in older vehicles with more than 75,000 miles.

Mobil 1™ Extended Performance

Offers excellent overall wear protection to help extend engine life, even up to 15,000 miles between oil changes – guaranteed.

Mobil 1™ Advanced Fuel Economy

Provides outstanding engine protection and helps improve fuel economy.

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POWERS-ALL products are manufactured under the highest quality standards to ensure consistency and dependable performance at an attractive price. We service the most elite passenger vehicles. EVERY POWERS-ALL PRODUCT IS 100% GUARANTEED.

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LF Powers began 90+ years ago with a vision to supply local businesses and individuals with high quality petroleum products. Today we're proud to continue that vision by servicing over 1500 customers with our diverse ExxonMobil offerings.


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